Welcome to the Galena Interior Learning Academy


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Our XC Team is traveling to Fairbanks to compete.  Our runners are trying to qualify for state. In support of our team next week will be a Hawk Spirit Week!

Monday: Class Colors

Freshman - red
Sophomore -white
Juniors - blue
Seniors - black

Tuesday: Inside Out Day

Let's get crazy and turn things around

Wednesday: Twinning!

Dress the same as one or more people
Let's try to have some quadruplets

Thursday: Dressed to the nines!

Wear your best outfit, have your hair did, and brush your teeth two minutes longer than usual
XC team travel day

Friday: Game Day

Wear apparel (not including hats) from your favorite team. This could be Galena Hawks gear, hometown sweatshirts, NBA teams, etc...




GILA is a statewide boarding school for students that are seeking yet another choice, and is Alaska's longest operating residential secondary vocational school.

It is an accredited school for grades 9 through 12 and post secondary adult vocational programs. GILA offers students from all over the state the opportunity to gain industry standard vocational certification in aviation, automotive technology, cosmetology, health sciences and culinary arts programs while achieving the academic skills necessary to pass the Alaska High School Graduation Qualifying Exam.

Vocational and technical teachers are hired from industry for upper level career pathways, validating GILA's program as meeting the standards required by industry.

GILA is located in Galena, a rural setting appealing to the lifestyle of the rural students, also allowing those from more urban communities to pursue a more focused emphasis on the individual student. The GILA campus is located on a former U.S. Air Force base and offers modern residential and educational facilities.

It enjoys strong partnerships with the City of Galena, Louden Tribal Council, University of Alaska Fairbanks and various organizations and businesses enabling it to provide first class education to its students.

GILA's Mission

Active, enthusiastic, and engaging teaching that inspires learning for every student, in every content area, every day.

GILA's Vision

To provide the highest quality school choice options for families in the state of Alaska.